Bo Brumble's paintings are often playful, but that first impression never obscures his mastery of light, color, and design that evoke the emotional heart of his subject matter.  Curt Colbert


I have known Bo for many many years always knew he was a talented man. His paintings prove that I call it abstract and it's all good hard work. If I had the room here I would get me one of his paintings. Beautiful work.  Max

"Cat," I would love it but it is too exquisite.  It belongs in a house valued in the 

millions.  A copy, I would accept in a heartbeat.  Beverly Hawkins

"The Savior."  That piercing look of the man destined to offer love and forgiveness to the world.  The price that paid at a place called Golgotha, a story still told 2000 years later.  Redemption.  Beverly Hawkins.

Bo Brumble is a very talented and creative painter and I am so happy and proud to have one of his paintings in my home. Julie Mann

Bo Brumble has a unique style of painting with a wonderful sense of bright colors, with a touch of fun.  You just have to look for it.  Peggy Mason

I received "Django" and finally had a chance to unpack it and take a close look. This work of art is nothing less than stunning! The pictures on your web site are great, but they simply can't reproduce the vibrancy of the colors and textures. This art will proudly hang in my music room for many years I'm sure.  Mark Malnes