Bo's Thoughts and Inspirations

The Cellist:  (Sold) I have always loved cello music.  I was listening to Yo Yo Ma 6 Suites for unaccompanied Cello.  I was inspired to paint this picture.  Thank you to Yo Yo Ma.

Music Man:  I have been around music and musicians for most of my life. There was always music in my house when I grew up and my brother Corky became a professional musician and entertainer. Late in my life I lived for a time in Mexico and at age 57 I became a musician and continued until 2018 when I was 72 and decided I would be better at painting musicians than being one!


Cat: I just felt like painting a cat!

Cat Dream:  My third effort at painting a cat,  I call this painting primitive cubism.

Amy Winehouse: (Sold)  The first time I ever heard Amy sing, I heard the ghost of Billie Holiday. Amy, a member of the 27 club died way too young. This is for you, Amy darling.

Paradise Lost: If you are looking for meaning in this painting, lets just say paradise got screwed by industrialization.  Thank you John Milton for letting me plagiarize the  name. 

Two Musicians:  I love cubism!  This is my most cubist work yet.  Thank you, Mr. Picasso!

Revolution II:  My first revolution was cubism, heavily influenced by Picasso. My second revolution was moving to abstract expressionism. Hence the title of the painting.

Untitled:  I live in New Mexico and I have been influenced by the look and feel of the environment.

Boats:  This painting had no name until a neighbor thought he saw three boats in it.

Watching the Sunset:  I live in New Mexico and I continue to be enthralled by the natural beauty of the environment. This is my second "regional" painting after "Then the White Man Came." I will be painting a few more in this style because it is not only challenging, it is downright fun! This is called "Watching the Sunset" It is partly Santa Fe with the hills and mountains and partly fictional with the mesas. I think they add interest and substance to the work.

Self Portrait:  (Not for Sale)  Every artist should have a "Self Portrait!"

Man with a  Beer Waving:  This painting just evolved.  It started out as a clown with clown pants and just sort of  developed a beer belly.. The rest of the painting just fell into place.

My Flower Garden:  I live in public housing.  Wanting to beautify my home, I planted a lovely flower garden next to my front porch.  It was there all last summer and the first two months of this summer when I was told by the management that it would have to go because I was not allowed to plant anything not planted by the housing authority.  So I had to dig it up (my neighbors were very upset about it) and put what I could into two very large pots on my front porch.  I didn't want to cry about it so I did that. True to my philosophy, I said to myself "If I can't have a flower garden, I'll paint one, just as I painted musicians when I could no longer play music."  And there you have it , My painted Flower 
Garden!  I hope you enjoy this painting!

Tex: This is a painting of my father, Claud "Tex" Brumble taken from a photograph about 1925. I lost him too early and I wanted to honor his memory. Here's to you, Daddy!

The Coffee Drinker:  I painted this in 1974 when I was 28.  It has been in my home now for 45 years.  I think the teardrop shapes lend a dreamy effect to this picture.

Coffee Drinker Revisited:  It is now 45 years later.  A few changes (paneling, new chairs) have taken place over the years in the restaurant.  The coffee drinker is now in her seventies and is having a glass of wine with her salad.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band:  Like about a billion other people, I am a lifelong Beatles fan.  This was one of their many phases, the Sgt. Pepper era.  The painting is from a 1967 photo, Peace and Love.  We could all use a little bit of that in this era.