About Bo Brumble

Hello, and welcome to my website! I was born

in Sequim, Washington in 1946 as Terry Brumble

and grew up in the great Pacific Northwest city

of Seattle.


I became a boxer at age 13 and fought until I was

26. Later in life, I ran my own boxing gym and

trained and managed professional boxers. I moved

to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2005. I am a United

States Army veteran, an Army boxing champ, and I

attended Seattle University and majored in Fine

Arts, which introduced me to painting and art

history. There I was heavily influenced by Picasso

and cubism. I painted for the first couple of years after college but then forgot about it for many years afterward.


In 1992 I changed my name to Bo Brumble and had it legally changed in 2017. I have been called a “renaissance man” because I was not only a veteran and boxer, but a working musician for several years, who plays saxophone, clarinet, guitar, autoharp a little banjo and harmonica. If that wasn’t enough, I was also a professional actor with three movies and a dozen or so plays, a writer and an artist. I guess I am a renaissance man!


In 2010, I again took up painting; now I was serious about it. I did several paintings in the next few years between working as a musician, had a few shows in Santa Fe and sold my first paintings. Having been a musician, I largely paint musical subjects, but not exclusively. I have found my true calling, and I am not afraid to tell the world my goal is to become a famous artist and become fabulously successful. I hope you enjoyed this little bio, now on to the paintings!